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Summaries: 1/22/08 Delivery system/media selection can be effected by available of existing instructional materials, production/implementation constraints, amount of instructor facilitation. Components of instructional package: instructional materials, assessments, course management information (instructor’s manual). Selecting existing instructional materials: SCORM (sharable content object reference model)-e-learning standards for interchangeability of learning objects; goal-centered criteria (congruence b/w content & objectives, adequacy of content, authority, accuracy, currency, objectivity); learner-centered criteria (vocabulary levels, developmental/motivational/interest level, background, language/other needs); learning-centered criteria (preinstructional materials, correct content sequencing, student participation, adequate feedback, appropriate assessments, adequate follow-through, delivery system/media appropriate, adequate learner guidance); context-centered criteria (authenticity & feasibility). When designer also material developer & instructor, can have instructor very prominent or more of a facilitator, adjust material as necessary. When designer not instructor (part of ID team), must have precise specifications & teamwork skills; avoid designing based on stereotypes. Develop materials: make rough draft (quick-low-cost version, formative evaluation); rapid prototyping (analyze & develop simultaneously in iterative process); use various artistic/technical skills. Steps: Review
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Summaries.1.22.coursehero - Summaries: 1/22/08 Systematic...

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