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Unit 3 - Essay2 - Unit 3 Essay Death Rituals Korean Death...

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Unit 3 – Essay Death Rituals – Korean Death Rituals, Traditions, Customs Chunjoo Park 1
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Every culture has a different death ritual. Some involve mummification, cremation, or just plain burial. The Vikings buried their warriors with their weapons and other possessions including dogs, horses, sometimes even their servants were buried with them. The first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang, had a huge tomb built for him, which includes the Terracotta Army. He also had a map of his kingdom made, but not just any map, a miniature of China. The rivers were made of mercury so they would last forever. To this day no one has entered this chamber, the chamber which entombs his actual body and casket. While some cultures have extravagant death rituals and traditions, the Koreans keep it simple. In September of 1997 I was in Korea with my family, we were visiting family. But this one day I was terribly confused and when I saw my grandfather standing before me I was even more shocked, because he lived in Stafford, Virginia and I had just saw him a few weeks ago. I did not know why he was here in Korea. My parents told me we were just going around visiting uncles and aunts on both my father’s and my mother’s side of the family. But on this particular day we had got in a car and drove for what seemed like several hours. I was wearing a suit and my sisters were wearing pretty dresses. My parents were dressed up too, so was my grandfather and everyone that was here at this outdoor pavilion. There were many, many new faces that belonged to people whom I was related to, but did not know personally. My father was busy conversing with his many relatives, some that he had not seen in over twenty years. Things eventually settled down and I finally got my chance to speak with my father and I asked my father what was going on and he told me that my great-grandfather’s body was being relocated into this new memorial park. I sat there and waited for a long time, many of my relatives, non- Christian went up to do the Buddhist/Confucianism rituals. They bowed and prayed in front of and to their own direct ancestors. Eventually they settled down and it was our turn to go up. First
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Unit 3 - Essay2 - Unit 3 Essay Death Rituals Korean Death...

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