Vietnam War Term Paper - Orange? Were the soldiers using...

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Cameron Gore Professor Tan Political Science 222 10 April 2008 The Vietnam War: Did it Follow Just War Theory? The time of the Vietnam War was a time filled with lies and deceptive behavior among the government and its officials. The truth of the Vietnam War is unknown to the public and even the government officials involved. Many people wonder he underlying cause of this disastrous war. The questions surrounding the war often target the reasons of going to war. Just War Theory guidelines test the Vietnam War by Jus ad Bellum (the right to go to war) and Jus in Bello (right conduct in war). Not only were the reasons for going to war questioned, but Jus in Bello was also considered. Did the United States conduct itself in an orderly manner by using chemical warfare such as Napalm and Agent
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Unformatted text preview: Orange? Were the soldiers using discrimination during the My Lei Massacre? There are many questions about the United States objectives during this war. Of these many questions, very few have been answered. Just War Theory consists of Jus ad Bellum, Jus in Bello, and Jus post Bellum. It was set up as a guideline for states follow before, during, and after being engaged in war. Jus ad Bellum is defined as the right to go to war and consists of seven criterions: Just Cause, Proper Authority, Right Intention, Reasonable Chance of Success, Ends Proportional to the Means, and Last Resort. A state can only enter the war if all seven of these criterions are met....
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Vietnam War Term Paper - Orange? Were the soldiers using...

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