Intermediate math skills are required by the majority

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Unformatted text preview: y the majority of the compulsory foundational units of study and are demanded by senior units in finance, accounting, and statistics. It is thus crucial for you to have a firm command over your maths ability as you progress through your degree. This is why the Business School is committed to providing a series of structured mathematics workshops. What's In It For Me? The workshops provide an opportunity for you to: - Develop basic maths skills and also master intermediate maths ability in a welcoming environment. - Get ahead and meet new people - a great way to break the ice when starting university. - Meet with an experienced mathematics tutor who has excelled at the units they have undertaken and completedly understand the first year experience. - Have access to materials and resources at the conclusion of every workshop which will enable you to autonomously build on your learning and understanding. What Does It Involve? The workshops will run from week 2 to 6 of semester. They will be structured to allow you initially strengthen your basic knowledge of algebra before proceeding to develop your calculus skills and then progressing to probability (all offered at beginners and intermediate levels). How Do I Register? Registrations open first week of semester. To register and further information, please visit: Telephone: +61 2 9114 0541, Fax: +612 9351 6620, Email: [email protected] MATHEMATICS LEARNING CENTRE The Mathematics Learning Centre offers bridging courses and assists eligible undergraduate students to develop the mathematical knowledge, skills and confidence that are needed for studying mathematics or statistics at university. Individual assistance and group tutorials are free. There are fees for bridging courses. Please visit the following website for further information. Version: 2013 Business School 9 BUSINESS SCHOOL How to Contact The Mathematics Leaning Centre? Level 4 of the Carslaw Building. Carslaw Bui...
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