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Unformatted text preview: arch from the UK, USA and Australia has consistently demonstrated that students who regularly attend PASS are likely to improve their academic performance and are less likely to fail or drop out. In 2011, 99% of respondents to end of semester, anonymous surveys reported they learnt during PASS and 97% reported that they enjoyed the program. One student commented “I loved everything about PASS – it was GREAT for clarifying ideas from class [and] helped my studies. I also had the opportunity to make many friends through PASS”. What’s In It For You? - Weekly, hour-long sessions lead by senior, high achieving students. - A focus on mastery of course content through discussion and peer learning. - Extra learning opportunities, including problem solving practice where relevant, in areas directly related to understanding the concepts more thoroughly. - Great opportunities to meet other students and study effectively together in relaxed, interactive, small groups. Registering For The PASS Program Attendance in PASS is voluntary but highly recommended. Registrations open the first week of semester. PASS starts in week 2 of semester. Spaces in the PASS program are limited. Students register for PASS online at: Email all enquiries about the PASS program to: What Students Said Last Year - PASS gave me more opportunities to revise the materials covered in class. - I liked doing practice questions that were more complex and ‘real world’ than the textbook ones. This made the tutorial work easier. MATHS IN BUSINESS Version: 2013 Business School 8 BUSINESS SCHOOL Maths in Business is a free tutorial program offered by the Business School and open to students interested in mastering beginners and/or intermediate level of math skills necessary for accounting, statistics, and finance. The University of Sydney Business School appreciates the importance of mathematics as a fundamental skill set for any aspiring and successful business students. Intermediate math skills are required b...
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