Students will be evaluated based on their ability to

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Unformatted text preview: ity to justify the models applied, solve the problem under consideration, explain the findings and present their findings in the form of an executive report. Assessment Criteria Students will be required to demonstrate ability to apply and select statistical tools and models to analyse a given data set and to reach appropriate conclusions. Assessment Criteria are: - Application of statistical concepts, tools, and models - Clarity of expression (including grammar, spelling, referencing, and format) - Conforming with instructions (e.g., word length, other instructions) - Evaluating the robustness of the chosen statistical models Final Exam q q Task Description The final exam contributes 45% of the Unit of Study mark and will examine all course content. It will test your understanding of theory and your ability to solve problems. It contains multiple-choice questions only. Students will be required to demonstrate understanding of the theoretical principles and application of the models covered in the course. The final exam consists of multiple choice questions which will test both problem solving and critical thinking. Assessment Criteria Conforming with instructions (e.g. word length, font, other instructions) Version: 2013 Business School 7 BUSINESS SCHOOL Clarity of expression (including grammar, spelling, referencing) Presentation, communication & structure Use of literature/ Knowledge of theory Analysis / critical reasoning / evaluation Problem solving / synthesis or evaluation / reflection 5. Other suggested resources for students All lectures and seminars are recorded and will be available within Blackboard for student use. Please note the Business School does not own the system and cannot guarantee that the system will operate or that every class will be recorded. Students should ensure they attend and participate in all classes. PASS Program: Peer Assisted Study Sessions The University of Sydney Business School funds an additional program for students called PASS. PASS stands for Peer Assisted Study Sessions. Rese...
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