Review quiz 7 - Lectures 12-13

Review quiz 7 - Lectures 12-13 - only. c. Binding of...

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Choose the most incorrect answer. 1. Sympathetic innervation a. When anabolic reactions predominate, sympathetic activation is at a minimum. b. Unlike the autonomic nervous system, the somatic division of the peripheral nervous system contains no cell bodies outside the CNS. c. While you are being attacked by a giant pumpkin, chromaffin cells in your adrenal medulla, acting as modified preganglionic sympathetic neurons, release a hormone whose targets are G- protein coupled receptors. d. Sympathetic ganglia in the neck do not receive preganglionic neurons from the corresponding cervical spinal nerves. e. All preganglionic neurons in the sympathetic and parasympathetic divisions are cholinergic. 2. Parasympathetic and sympathetic innervation a. Constriction of the pupil is mediated via parasympathetic innervation. b. Preganlionic sympathetic neurons emerge in the cervical and sacral regions of the spinal cord
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Unformatted text preview: only. c. Binding of epinephrine to blood vessel adrenergic receptors may cause dilation or constriction of the blood vessel, depending on the adrenergic receptor isoform present. d. Atropine is an antagonist at muscarinic cholinergic receptors. e. All autonomic reflexes must be polysynaptic. 3. Hormones a. A very low concentration of a hormone is sufficient to produce its effect on target cells. b. Membrane potential can be altered by the action of a hormone on a cell. c. A peptide hormone is passed through and processed in the endoplasmic reticulum and Golgi apparatus before being released from secretory vesicles to the extracellular fluid. d. Proinsulin is cleaved to insulin and C-peptide. e. Because its water soluble, a peptide hormone will passively diffuse from the bloodstream into its target cells interior ....
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