Justifying Ethnic Cleansing as Creating Order

Justifying Ethnic Cleansing as Creating Order - October 24,...

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October 24, 2007 FR SEM: Ethnic Cleansing How Has Ethnic Cleansing Been Justified in “Creating Order?” Most of the time, legislature is based on fixing a current problem. Governments work to establish order and a sense of security by dealing with the discord they identify in the present. As useful as it might be, it would be nearly impossible to pass and enforce laws that combat future, potential problems in society. Besides, surely we have learned something from the 2002 hit movie Minority Report ; accusing people of crimes they have not yet committed is, at the least, an ethical gray area. What, then, justifies actions such as those by sundown towns and the Polish and Czechoslovakian governments that are pre- emptive in nature? Perhaps it is arguable that to classify their actions as completely preventative is incorrect. Certainly, we see in the case of the Czechoslovakians, the Germans began to pose a threat to the interwar republic (Naimark 112). And in Pierce City, Missouri, the attack on blacks and mob-led cleansing is driven by an outrage that a black man had raped and murdered a white woman (Jaspin 69). Of course, a solitary incident like this is no excuse for the tragedy pursuant, but an understanding of imagined
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