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Asch 1950 people will yield to social pressure from a unanimous group asked people to compare the length of lines 75% of people gave obvious wrong answer Cialdini (1994) techniques for gaining compliance friendship/liking commitment/consistency scarcity reciprocity social validation authority Apanovitch, Hobfoll and Salovey 2002 when participants who had seen a videotape of a hang rape heard an accomplice blame the men for event, assigned more responsibility to men then when they heard the accomplice blame the woman, or when the accomplice voiced no clear opinion Burger and Cornelius 2003 Lowball Technique an incentive for donating $5 to needy students (in exchange for smoothie coupon) was removed after participants had agreed to make the donation (had just run out of coupons) results indicate that the lowball procedure generated much higher rates of compliance Fitzsimmons and Bargh 2003 People at an airport who though about a friend rather than a coworker before being asked for help were more likely to agree than those who though about a co-worker
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