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social work ch 1 dm

social work ch 1 dm - Chapter 1 DiNitto McNeece Social Work...

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Chapter 1 DiNitto & McNeece Social Work: A Challenging Profession Types: Child Abuse Case Coordinator Gerontology Case Manager Mental Health Case Worker Agency Administrator Policy Advocate social work : the professional activity of helping individuals, groups, and communities enhance or restore their capacity for social functioning and creating societal conditions favorable to this goal generalist practice : when social workers demonstrate effective helping and problem-solving skills and engage in solution-building processes with individual, families, and groups Social Work Pioneers: John Augusts – concerned with plight of juveniles placed under jurisdiction of magistrate for minor offences and often incarcerated for minor crimes. argued these young people were capable of reform but not while housed with heinous criminals. became personally responsible fore almost 2 thousand juveniles over 18 years, provided opportunities to reenter society as productive, responsible adults Dorothea L. Dix – lobbied gov for humane treatment for people with mental health problems. pushed U.S. congress to allocate 5 million acres of public land for support of institutions for the insane Jane Addams – opened Hull House during the immigration period, which offered social services and community development programs to neighborhood residents. desired outcome was improved well-being for entire neighborhood Reverend A. Clayton Powell – spiritual leader of largest African American church in NY.
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