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Review quiz 9 - Lecture 15

Review quiz 9 - Lecture 15 - resting muscle length b Most...

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Review quiz: Lecture 15 Choose the most incorrect answer. 1. Cardiac function a. Heart valve opening and closing are passive events. b. The pulmonary and systemic circulations contain equal blood volumes. c. Packed white cell volume is not included in the hematocrit. d. Excitation spreads from the SA node to the AV node, down the bundle branch, through the bundle of His, and into the Purkinje fibers. e. The QRS complex corresponds to the period of ventricular depolarization. 2. Cardiac output a. Stimulation of β-adrenergic receptors increases contractility; this increase is independent of
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Unformatted text preview: resting muscle length. b. Most of ventricular filling occurs without the assistance of atrial contraction. c. An increase in peripheral resistance, cardiac output, or both will raise mean arterial pressure. d. The ejection fraction should increase with an increase in contractility. e. Holding end-diastolic volume constant, providing β-adrenergic stimulation will increase end-systolic volume relative to unstimulated muscle....
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