Conic graphing does not allow for continuous tracing

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Unformatted text preview: a to the other. • Conic Graphing does not allow for continuous tracing. For example, after you trace an entire circle, the tracing stops. You can then press the opposite direction arrow to trace the object in the opposite direction. Using Free Trace Conic Graphing does not have a free trace feature. However, you can use a zoom option to simulate a free trace. 1. Graph a conic section. 2. Press T. 3. Select Zoom In, Zoom Out, or Zbox. A free cursor is on the screen. TI-83 Plus Conic Graphing Page 23 4. Use _, `, a, h to move the cursor around on the screen. 5. Press R to escape from the graph. Note Zoom In, Zoom Out, or Zbox options place a free cursor on the screen because each is waiting for you to position the cursor and press ¯ so that the zoom can be carried out. Do not press ¯ unless you want to carry out that zoom feature. Press V to clear the cursor and coordinates from the screen without exiting the graph. TI-83 Plus Conic Graphing Page 24 Finding Characteristics of Conic Sections After you enter the values for each of the required variables, you can display information for the conic equation. Press e ? to display the solution. e? Note You can only press e ? to display the solution from the equation screen. TI-83 Plus Conic Graphing Page 25 Graphing Examples Circles Definition Calculator mode A circle is the set of points in a plane whose distance from a given fixed point in the plane is constant. The fixed point is the center of the circle; the constant distance is the radius. Function (X-2) 2 + (Y-2) 2 = 25: Parametric Equations (X1H) 2 + (Y1K) 2 = R 2 AX2 + AY2 + BX + CY+ D = 0 X = R cos (T) + H Y = R sin (T) + K Center (2,2) Radius 5 Polar R = 2A cos (T) R = 2A sin (T) A 2 = B 2 + R 2 1 2BR cos (T1b) TI-83 Plus Conic Graphing Page 26 Example Graph an arc of a circle with radius = 8 whose center is at (0,0), using parametric mode. Note To complete this exercise, you need to set your calculator to radian mode before you start the Conic Graphing application. To do this: 1. Press ]. 2. Move the cursor to Radian, and press ¯. 3. Press s to exit the mode screen. Steps: 1. Start the Conic Graphing application. 2. Select CIRCLE from the CONICS main menu. 3. Press ] to display the CONIC SETTINGS screen. 4. Select PAR to change the mode to parametric. 5. Select MAN so that you can manually change window settings. TI-83 Plus Conic Graphing Page 27 6. Select ESC to return to the CIRCLE screen. 7. Select the equation X = R cos (T) + H Y = R sin (T) + K 8. Enter the values for H, K, and R [(0,0) and 8], as defined in the problem. 9. Press T to display the CONIC ZOOM screen. 10. Select Zoom Conic so that the circle will be displayed correctly. (Otherwise, the circle may look like an ellipse.) The graph of the circle is drawn. 11. Press S to change the CONIC WINDOW settings. 12. Change the following parameters: Tmin = 0 S Tmax = (In degree mode, Tmax = 90. To change to degree 2 mode, you must exit Conic Graphing.) TI-83 Plus Conic Graphing Page 28 13. Press V t...
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