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Unformatted text preview: you exit the application. Variable type Variables used or modified Y-vars Parametric equation editor: X1T, Y1T, X2T, Y2T Polar equation editor: r1 Real number variables A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, W, X, Y, Z, T See the TI83 Plus manual Getting Started section for more information about variables. TI-83 Plus Conic Graphing Page 10 Conic Settings You can graph conic sections in function, parametric, or polar mode, based on your requirements. The Conic Graphing application restores the calculator to the original mode (before you started the application) when you exit the application. Graphing Mode Description FUNC (function) Plots functions where Y is a function of X PAR (parametric) Plots relations where X and Y are functions of T POL (polar) Plots functions where R is a function of T You can also select automatic or manual window settings. • Automatic changes the viewing window settings so that the conic section is displayed, no matter where it is on the graph. You cannot access window or zoom settings to change them manually. • Manual allows you to change the window and zoom settings manually. If the conic section is graphed outside of the viewing window, you must manually change the settings so that it will be displayed in the viewing window. TI-83 Plus Conic Graphing Page 11 From any Conic Graphing screen: 1. Press ]. The CONIC SETTINGS screen is displayed. 2. Press a or _ to highlight a graphing type mode and press ¯ to select it. 3. Press h to move to W INDOW SETTINGS. 4. Press a or _ to highlight AUTO (automatic) or MAN (manual) and press ¯ to select it. 5. Press R to select ESC to save the settings and return to the previous screen. TI-83 Plus Conic Graphing Page 12 Conic Graphing Options Selecting Options To select an option at the bottom of a Conic Graphing screen, press the graphing key directly below the option. • Select INFO to display the information screen, which contains the application version number. • Select QUIT to exit Conic Graphing. • Select ESC to go back one screen. Press a graphing key to select an option. RSTUV TI-83 Plus Conic Graphing RSTUV Page 13 Window and Zoom Settings CONIC WINDOW The CONIC WINDOW settings screen allows you to modify the window characteristics. This screen is similar to the calculator’s window settings screen. You can change individual window parameters as needed. 1. Make sure that the conic graphing type mode is set correctly (to function, parametric, or polar, depending on what the equation requires). 2. Make sure the window settings mode is set to MAN. 3. Select a conic section from the CONICS main menu: CIRCLE, ELLIPSE, HYPERBOLA, or PARABOLA. 4. Select an equation. Note • You can only access the CONIC WINDOW screen after you have selected an equation to graph. • You can only access the CONIC WINDOW screen if the mode is set to MAN. 5. Set the parameters (for example, provide H, K, and R for the first circle equation in function mode). TI-83 Plus...
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