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Unformatted text preview: rdon Go is a [Hint] neglected child. a controversial child. a rejected­aggressive child. rejected­withdrawn child. 10 . Mr. Al Otaiba spends less time disciplining and more time giving individual attention. Children’s interactions with one another in his classroom are more positive and cooperative. Mr. Al Otaiba probably [Hint] teaches at the elementary level. teaches “fun” subjects like art, music, or P.E. has been teaching for many years. has a small class size. 11 . Mrs. Sparks rarely calls on Steven in class and responds negatively to him when he asks for help. Steven begins to do poorly in school. He is exhibiting [Hint] mild mental retardation. an educational self­fulfilling prophecy. a learning disability. the effects of dominance hierarchy. 12 . Researchers hypothesize that ____—characterized by friendly chasing and play­fighting—may assist children in establishing a dominance hierarchy. [Hint] rough­and­tumble play cooperative play parallel play associative play 13 . Six­year­old Fiona changes “best friends” daily...
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