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Unformatted text preview: , basing her choices on what play activities she feels like doing. Which of Damon’s stages of friendship reflects her behavior? [Hint] Level 3: Friendship as intimacy and loyalty Level 1: Friendship as handy playmate Level 2: Friendship as mutual trust and assistance Level 4: Friendship as a long­term relationship. 14 . The first step in the development of social development as depicted in play situations is ____ and involves unoccupied, onlooker behavior and solitary play. [Hint] nonsocial activity associative play cooperative play parallel play 15 . The hostile acts of bullies are reinforced by [Hint] onlookers who laugh at the victims’ helplessness. their victims’ passivity. victims who retaliate, thus providing the fight that the bully was looking for. onlookers who say nothing, implicitly implying that they approve of the behavior. 16 . What type of friendship is linked to poor adjustment? [Hint] supportive friendships friendships among low SES students aggressive friends close friendships involving self­disclosure 17 . Which child is more likely to imitate violence seen on TV? [Hint] Maynard, a low­aggressive middle­school child Mickey, an aggressive teenager Max, a passive preschooler Martin, an aggressive preschooler 18 . Which child would ge...
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