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Unformatted text preview: drug and alcohol use. 6 . As mutual trust and loyalty become more important in children’s friendship expectations [Hint] greater friendship selectivity and stability occur. children generate larger numbers of friendships. they are largely a function of the constancy of social environments. friendships become less stable. 7 . Discussions that focus on mastery issues and recognition are typical of [Hint] boys. teenagers. preschoolers. girls. 8 . Gary struggles with reading, and subsequently most other academic tasks, in spite of scoring above­average on an intelligence test. His teacher thinks he is just not trying, but Gary is in fact displaying characteristics of [Hint] a learning disability. the effects of dominance hierarchy. an educational self­fulfilling prophecy. mild mental retardation. 9 . Gordon displays hostile and aggressive behavior at times, but is also highly prosocial. Although some of his peers dislike him, he has many friends, and is happy with his peer relationships. ​...
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