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Unformatted text preview: ip is stron gest du rin g th e adolescen t years. Th e HOME ­IQ relation sh ip declin es in middle ch ildh ood as ch ildren spen d more time in settin gs ou tside th e h ome. Th e HOME ­IQ correlation is th e same for both adopted an d biological ch ildren . Home Observation for Measu remen t of th e E n viron men t (HOME ) scores are u n related to IQ in in fan cy an d early ch ildh ood. P roject Head Start is an early intervention program targeting ch ildren with ph ysical disabilities. gifted ch ildren . ch ildren with cogn itive delays. low­in come ch ildren . One way to prevent the washout effects which often occur followi...
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