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Unformatted text preview: flu id reason in g, qu an titative reason in g, kn owledge, visu al­spatial processin g, an d workin g memory. was design ed to de­emph asize crystallized, cu ltu re­depen den t in telligen ce. Which of the following is true of infant intelligence tests? In fan t in telligen ce tests are largely u sed for screen in g—h elpin g to iden tify in fan ts wh o are likely to h ave developmen tal problems. In fan t tests provide a more accu rate measu re of in telligen ce th an do tests u sed in ch ildh ood an d adolescen ce. In fan t in telligen ce tests th at measu re perceptu al an d motor respon ses are th e best available correlates of ch ildh ood in telligen ce....
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