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Unformatted text preview: League team. He’s really smart, and he has a good job. He plays games with me and sometimes reads me a book before bed.” Zack’s description of his father’s attributes is an example of a(n) belief th eory of min d. social comparison . gen eralized oth er. person perception . Many ethnic minority children, having absorbed their culture’s stereotypes, tend to assign positive characteristics to the ethnic majority and negative characteristics to their own group. This pattern is known as ou t­grou p preju dice. ou t­grou p favoritism. in ­grou p favoritism. in ­grou p preju dice. One effective way to reduce prejudice is to assign ch ildren to cooperative learn in g grou ps in wh ich th ey work toward common goals with peers of diverse backgrou n ds an d ch aracteristics. en cou rage ch ildren to view person al...
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