Providesch ildren with easytasksin ordertopreven

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Unformatted text preview: g th e ch ild’s traits, su ch as “ You ’re so smart.” Teach ers wh o provide a su pportive, n on th reaten in g classroom atmosph ere. Attribution retraining works best wh en begu n in late ch ildh ood or early adolescen ce. teach es low­effort ch ildren to focu s less on learn in g an d more on grades. provides ch ildren with easy tasks in order to preven t failu re an d n egative attribu tion s. en cou rages ch ildren to view th eir su ccesses as du e to both ability an d effort, rath er th an to ch an ce factors. Adolescents who are in moratorium a...
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