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Social cogn itive ph ysical person ality

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Unformatted text preview: e, and remain stable over the course of life. Social Cogn itive Ph ysical Person ality Spets in child development must take into consideration broad ________ factors, such as orientation to individualism or collectivism. ch ildrearin g research diversity cu ltu ral Which of the following is least likely to contribute to a child’s high popularity? h igh statu s h igh social competen ce h igh social problem­solvin g all of th ese are tru e The people in your high school class are most likely part of your: n ormative developmen t coh ort race eth n icity A biological event such as puberty or menopause is an example of a: n ormative sociocu ltu ral­graded in flu en ce n ormative age­graded in flu en ce n on n ormative life even t n ormative h istory­graded in flu en ce Continuous change: on ly occu rs in cogn itive developmen t is qu alitatively differen t from th e previou s stage implies gradu al developmen t occu rs in distin ct stages or steps A __________ is a specific time during development when a particular event has its greatest consequences. critical period developmen tal period matu ration al period sen sitive period ________ refers to traits, abilities, and capacities that are inherited from one's parents. Nu rtu re Natu re E n viron men t Matu ration...
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