Adaptability empowermen t resilien ce tou gh n

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Unformatted text preview: _. adaptability empowermen t resilien ce tou gh n ess By the time children are three, some of the ________ they have mastered include hopping on one foot, skipping, and running. fin e motor skills complex motor skills ph ysical accomplish men ts gross motor skills One of the most well­known pediatricians is _________ who always recommends a flexible approach to toilet training. Joh n Rosemon d Dr. Spock T. Berry Brazelton Jean Piaget The development of ________ generally occurs by the end of the preschool years. fin e motor skills empath y prosocial beh avior h an dedn ess More than three million children a year in the U nited States are victims of child ________. n eglect maltreatmen t h arassmen t abu se...
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