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Feldman, 4e, ch15 - AccordingtoCarolG...

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According to Carol Gilligan, during the _______ stage, a moral equivalence is established between self and others. morality of equivalence goodness as self­sacrifice morality of nonviolence orientation toward individual survival ______ is the adolescents' view that what happens to them is unique, exceptional, and shared by no one else. The personal fable The myth of invulnerability The imaginary audience Adolescent egocentrism According to Holland, people of the _______ personality type make good leaders and may be particularly effective as managers or politicians. realistic enterprising intellectual conventional According to Ginzberg, during the _______ period, people explore specific career options either through actual experience on the job or through training for a profession. fantasy tentative realistic experiential According to Kohlberg's theory, at the _______ level of morality, people follow unvarying rules based on rewards and punishments.
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preconventional postconventional proconventional conventional
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