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Unformatted text preview: ists represent a social learning point of view? Piaget an d Vygotsky E rikson an d Marcia Freu d an d E rikson Ban du ra an d Misch el Teachers' beliefs about a student's ability have a small but significant affect on that student's achievement. True False In the identity status of moratorium, a commitment has been made without the person's having gone through a crisis. True False Many 7­ to 8­year old minority children prefer their own subgroup. True False There is no correlation between childhood and adult levels of self­esteem. True False Sex role may also be referred to as gender role. True False Bias against obese children, or children of other races or ethnic groups, is at a peak in the early school years. True False Studies in sex differences indicate that the male sex­role stereotype is stronger than that of the female. True False Kohlberg;s cognitive­developmental theory of sex­role development suggests that the crucial aspect in sex­role development is the child's understanding of the gender concept. True False...
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