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Unformatted text preview: y crisis and has reached a commitment, which of Marcia's identity statuses has he achieved? moratoriu m iden tity ach ievemen t iden tity diffu sion foreclosu re The conception of an adolescent identity crisis has been strongly influenced by which of the following? Asian religiou s beliefs Freu d's th eory of psych osexu al developmen t th e gen etic make­u p of adolescen ts cu ltu ral assu mption s of Western societies Marcus is African­American and has begun to question his parents' view that black people are superior. Marcus would be in which stage of the development of ethnic identity? fou rth th ird secon d first Which of the following are rituals that provide youth with instruction in culturally defined sex roles and a sense of cultural identity? rites of passage iden tity crises bicu ltu ral rites matu rity passages P sychologists have found that first generation Asian­American teens resen t th eir paren ts' deman ds. adapt rapidly to th e North American cu ltu re. often feel gu ilty abou t respon din g to in dividu alistic pressu res. accu ltu rate more slowly th an th eir paren ts. According...
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