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Unformatted text preview: to Harter, whether or not a child's abilities and skills will raise his or her self­esteem depends on the type of sch ool th e ch ild atten ds. reaction th e ch ild receives from peers. ph ysical abilities of th e ch ild. valu e th e ch ild places on th at skill. Which of the following is strongly negatively correlated with depression in both middle childhood and adolescence? in telligen ce self­esteem tran sdu ctive logic egocen trism Which of the following is true of adults who as teens had a negative outlook? Th ey ten d to experien ce legal problems. Th ey ten d to sh ow n o n egative resu lts. Th ey con tin u e to be su bject to bou ts of depression . Th ey overcome most of th eir n egativity. Which of the following is true of gender identity? It is th e u n derstan din g th at you stay th e same gen der th rou gh ou t life. It is a ch ild's ability to label h is own sex correctly an d to iden tify oth er people as men or women , boys or girls. It is u n derstood arou n d th e time wh en oth er con servation s are first grasped. It is th e recogn ition th at someon e stays th e same gen der even th ou gh h e may appear to ch an ge by wearin g differen t cloth es or ch an gin g h is h air len gth . Which of the following pairs of theor...
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