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Yankee Candle - manager of the store He then expanded the...

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Entrepreneurship Yankee Candle Case The Yankee Candle business model is one that I really admire because of the way the company was started. One guy, Michael Kittridge, started the company by making a Christmas gift for his mother. This gift was a candle that he made in a jar out of melted down crayon. His mother loved the gift and soon all of her friends wanted one of Kittridge’s homemade crayon candles in a jar. Being a good entrepreneur, Kittridge saw the demand these few people had for these candles as a great opportunity for a business. With help from a few high school friends, he started producing these candles for sales in nearby Holyoke, Ma. Kittridge started his first store in South Hadley, Ma and was the first
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Unformatted text preview: manager of the store. He then expanded the business after making some hefty profits from his first store and opened his first factory in South Deerfield, Ma. Today Yankee Candle has approximately 10,000 stores and is opening new locations often. What we learn from Kittridge is that what seems like a miniscule and dumb little idea can turn into a business. Also we learn that if you see an opportunity even tho the opportunity seems risky, many times it is worth the risk. Kittridge took a risk on his candle operation, and it pair off, recently the company was sold for 1.6 billion dollars....
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