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Pro vs Amateur - But now in the new millenium children are...

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Dan Hitman April 3, 2008 Eng 121-750RL Ms. O’Brien Many people say that competitive sports are the purest form of cometition and consider professional athletes to be the best in their respective fields. That the whole concept of being a “professional” is a proven reason that these men and women are dominant. Many people believe that a professional athlete is hands down superior to an amateur one. That the whole reason they are “professional” is because they are the best.
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Unformatted text preview: But now in the new millenium children are being bred to just excel in one small aspect of life, sports. Not just sports in general either but one perticular sport from a young age. Taking away from children the choice of sports they want to pursue if at all. Parents who played sports in their youth and into adulthood encourage their children to play sports and be as active as they can....
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