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Hist159 Lecture Notes Prof: Eve Duffy 1/31/08 Genocide and Total War: line btwn civilians and military is blurred, it’s also a strategic element: need to kill people bc in your way, also to break their spirit; you also have the military apparatus to make this possible. ..ex: Armenian identity as enemy spread all over this group I. The Russian Revolution -Smith downplays its importance: it grew directly out of WWI, it wouldn’t have happened if war hadn’t occurred -involved a series of revolutions in which more moderate revolutionaries by more radical revolutionaries =similar to French revolution -Rev drew on Marxist philo, but problem remained about what to do/how to make modern w/ all these people who lived on the land -how to make society more just Marx -says there won’t be any leaders : a big group of disgruntled proletariat that will rise up where there were capitalized societies A. Bolshevism -branch of Russ communists led by Lenin; Russian Social Democratic Workers party split into two groups: the Bolsheviks -the majority who said what Lenin said, the Menshiviks= said not any wrkers there, had to be patient “What is to be done” by Lenin: need a set of professional revs (smart, educated people) to lead this revolution--- he’s saying something that’s not Marxism i. Origins of Bolshevism -Lenin: born in 1870; brother was anarchist -1895: Lenin went abroad, was involved in revolutionary activites, then comes back and is
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Hist159classnotes - Hist159 Lecture Notes Prof: Eve Duffy...

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