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Hist35A Class Notes - D. Muslim Invasion And Rule...

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D. Muslim Invasion And Rule (1000-1757 CE) 1. Hardening of lines-them and us 2. Concept of polluted people- mlecchas popularized 3. Bhakti-devotional Hinduism develops E. Colonial Period (1757-1974) 1. Census of diff natives(1782) by Brits; Hindus disvred 2. Brits took census when began to rule Bengal 3. Gentoo is term first used by brits replaced w/ Hindus 4. Colonials find Hindus in history written by European travelers—Marco Polo, Jesuit Missionaries in the Mughal Court; 1636 BEIC gets trade license from Mughals 5. British orientalist fascination w Sanskrit adds legitimacy to diving india as Hindu and Muslim 6. 1877 term Hinduism is 1 st used in “Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge” by Monier Williams, Hindusim bc codified Brit Rule: Divide Hindus and Muslims and rule separately, causes tension and leads to creation of two states, Pak fd as Muslim country first ever based on reli F. Post Colonial 1. Politics of representation and identity, many religions political platforms- Arya Samaj(social org of Aryans mid1800s strong influence on hindu poli parties, say culture of Aryans should rule India culture), Hindu Mahasabha(ideological platform based on Vedas), RSS(poli and ideology esp big in Mumbai,, etc 2. Hindutva(total sum of Indian way of life:reli,race,etc; wants to reclaim India as a Hindu nation) led by BJP G. Warfare A. Mahabharat-questions of politics and govt, idea of just killing; talks of role of ruler(shaitryas-warriors, duty is to govern, sometimes must kill to maintain order, killing is action and must act bc it’s duty: ethics issue; breaking dharma leads to chaos -Mahab is longest poem in world, written over long period, -main author is Vyasa: tells story of two feuding families over leadership, sts w/ dice game - in dice game Karavas lose to Pundavas who cheat, then fight ensues -contains gita: focus on ethics, caste Life is an illusion, has no meaning unless merges w/Brahman No concept of linear time, instd patterns Necessary to not be ignorant to achieve moksha Hindus response to Buddhism is moksha(release) 1. History in India: patterns, cycle; events that move hist forward are karma -no beginning or end -early india idea of hell (in mahab) -individual not emphasized in India, instd part of a community -Pralaya=chaos/delusion -diff epochs in hist some bad and good: kali yuga, then truth= periods of cyclical subjects
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Indic Islam- became more mystic(sufis) Bangladesh,india,pak Brit author James Mill wrote 1 st Indian Hist Book (never went to India) II. Buddhism Std in India (Nepal now) spread to N and East by missionary monks -first sermon at Benares, inducted members called bikhus/bikkus=monks -monks expand Buddhism= sangha -means collective/organization of monks, formed by monks - Dhamma - religious structure of Buddhism (4 noble truths, 8fold path) -buddhism supposed to be reli of people, so not in Sanskrit but Pali - Pali- lang of Buddhist text i. Trio of Buddhism Buddha, Sangha, and Dhamma A. Buddhism’s Impact
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Hist35A Class Notes - D. Muslim Invasion And Rule...

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