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Zachary Schattner Professor Santanen MGMT 240 1 February 2008 Chapter 2 Minicases JP Morgan 1. One of the problems is that the demand for computing resources is always increasing. Some of the PC’s and servers were being over utilized whereas others were being underutilized. They began using grid computing which saved them $5 million in one year. 2. Group support systems may support the work of the internal securities traders because it is one piece of software to make up a set of tools and a group of people are making decisions. 3. No, I would not advise the company to use utility computing because grid computing reduces the cost of everything whereas utility computing is a pay per
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Unformatted text preview: use system. 4. 5. This system is related to an intranet. Minicase 2 1. The company had to use SOA to increase the number of users capable and decrease the time it took to process each user’s request. 2. By using SOA, they were able to permit up to 50,000 simultaneous users and like these users to different credit card websites. 3. This business provides credit reports and links customers to credit card companies to see offers they might be interested in. 4. The more users it can serve, the less likely they will lose a customer to a competitor because their service was to slow or was not working. 5....
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