Themes That Unify Biology

Themes That Unify Biology - people like Alfred...

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Biology Study Guide Themes That Unify Biology Biology is a diverse discipline [macroscopic versus microscopic] Objectives -Identify those properties that define life -Describe some of the unifying themes that characterized the biological science How we define life -reproduction -growth and development -metabolism -homeostasis -respond to stimuli in the environment -evolutionary adaption -DNA material [genetic string] -Cells Levels of Biological Organization Molecules organelles [nucleus, ribosome, etc.], cells tissues organs organ systems full organisms population community ecosystem biosphere Community VS Population “Community”- Different species in the same area “Population”- Individuals of the same species in the same area “System Biology”- the components of biological systems Macro-Molecules 1. Carbohydrates 2. Lipids 3. Nucleic Acid 4. Protein
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Biology Study Guide Evolution -evolution means change -Darwin tested it in the mid-19 th century [was not the only one to think of this idea
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Unformatted text preview: people like Alfred Wallace]-“Biodiversity”-the diversity of life-“Natural Selection”-Darwin’s explanation of the mechanism for evolution -Erasmus Darwin- was the grandfather of Darwin who also wrote about evolution-Can obtain old DNA to clone a new animal-“Homology”-Deep similarities in structure of animals build-Darwin was a naturalist-“Survival of the fittest” – when you bring in new animals they out compete the weaker species-“Artificial Selection”- special properties that were developed intentionally by encouraging the breeding potential of individuals who both possessed desirable characteristics, and discouraging the breeding of individuals who had less desirable characteristics.-“Surplus Birth”-many are born, but few actually stay alive-“Exponential Growth”-growing faster than resources *growth rates are not linear-Viruses are NOT alive, they depend on a host and cannot function on their own...
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Themes That Unify Biology - people like Alfred...

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