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Unformatted text preview: Theatre 100 The Ohio State University Play Information Sheet Moliére’s Tartuffe Date : May 12 th , 1664 Critical Reception : The play was first performed before the King and his royal court at a private party in honor of the queen and Anne of Austria. The audience was understandably shocked. They were expecting a frivolous comedy and instead received a vicious attack on the hypocrisy of the upper classes. The King was wise enough to recognize that the attack was not aimed at the crown but at unrepentant hypocrites. The King gave his approval for the play to be performed in Paris, but was forced to retract his word and ban the play after its Paris opening caused a conflagration of criticism. Those who saw the play mistook it for being anti-religious. Modern critics acknowledge the play as one of Moliére’s best—a piece of serious comedy. Moliére : Born Jean Baptiste Poquelin on January 15 th , 1622, he changed his name to Moliére after a nearby town most probably to protect his father from the shame of having an actor in the...
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