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Kristin Murray Prof. Tipton English 1010-032 13 September 2007 Essay 1 Rough Draft Define, ‘Dream’ “Wake up! He’ll be here any minute!” There went my mom’s voice, screaming down from the third floor. I ignored her. My bed seemed especially warm and comfortable that morning; getting up was not an option. Within minutes I was dreaming about my coming audition and making up different outcomes. If I made it, would I really join and uphold the family’s tradition? Before I got an answer, Mom was on her tip-toes looking over the top of my bunk bed and said to my face, “Get up, this is the last time I’m telling you.” She began ripping my covers off of me as I scrambled to grab them back and then she stepped into the kitchen down the hall, still nagging. “And make sure dress decently too. It’s the Army for god’s sake.” I groaned in response thinking cursed thoughts of why I should not get up. Suddenly, I had a spark of fierce energy that made me want to make the audition more than anything. It took me a grand total of 15 minutes to have been showered, dressed, and teeth brushed. Then, I met Mom in the kitchen and tossed my favorite Pop-tart into the toaster. My stomach growled as I caught a whiff of the marshmallow-chocolaty scent. I sat down with Mom who was already eating oatmeal. Once I had finished the first Pop- tart, the door bell rang. “He’s here? Why weren’t we able to organize our time better?” Mom whined but I instantly got up, put the remaining Pop-tart in a baggie, and ran to my room to grab my flute and music. When I got to the stairs I could hear Mom answering the door and welcoming my recruitment officer, Sgt. Capo, into our home. With one last glance in the mirror, I turned away from it in disgust and joined them downstairs.
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“Hey! How’ve you been Flutie?” His voice was booming but gentle. The last time I saw him his hair was longer and he was in a different uniform. He was a brute young guy that made up for his short height. There were these two scars on his head and I never wanted to ask about them. I noticed them now that his hair was buzzed, ready for the Army. I replied with a sweet smile and shook his hand. “I’ve been great.” ‘Small talk’ was my middle name when it came to people I didn’t know too well. “Uh huh,” I thought for sure he could see my heart coming through my chest, “You’re nervous huh? Ah, don’t be. You’ll see, these guys would never hurt a fly. And besides, they’ll love ya. Come on girl, you can play!” he placed his arm around me and led Mom and I to his car. Mom closed and locked the house door and I helped myself into the back seat.
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Essay 1- Define, 'Dream' - Kristin Murray Prof Tipton...

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