Essay4-I'm next. Will you save me

Essay4-I'm next. Will you save me - Murray 1 Kristin Murray...

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Murray 1 Kristin Murray English 1010-032 Prof. Tipton 5 December 2007 Essay 4- Final Draft I’m Next. Will you save me? Look over there. No, there, in the back of the room. See that child? She’s in fetal position and holding onto a stuffed animal for dear life. Why would she be in such a state? Even through the dark hue of the room it is possible to see she is at least fourteen years old. But wait, there, on her skin, her arm. What is that? I think it’s, yes, it’s a bruise. Ah, I see. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the result of child abuse. For many years this disgusting feat from parents and close friends has spread across America like a disease. If this is the first time actually sitting down to see for yourself what it really is and what really happens, you are in for an eye opening brain-full of heart demolishing information. You see, these children need help. Now, I’m not talking about the meager attention every once and a while on NBC. It needs a furious action for the cause of abused children. Child abuse is seen throughout history in familiar devastating events such as the times of African slaves and the Holocaust. It is not always mentioned but children were sexually assaulted and abused physically. Hitler’s followers and slave’s “Mass’ as” would freely do as they pleased with other people’s children and sometimes- even their own. If this is not
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Murray 2 comforting enough then know that it is still happening today right under the skies of America (Mead). So, this is still going on and this means what? It means there has yet to have been a way
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Essay4-I'm next. Will you save me - Murray 1 Kristin Murray...

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