5-8 - What was modernism and how did it challenge...

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I. What was modernism and how did it challenge mainstream society What are the long-term and immediate causes of WWI? In what ways did the nature of the war alter modern society? How did the war reflect modern society?
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II. Modernism A. Belief in progress; middle class dominated this time; material advances equaled success; more leisure time; all activities had a moral purpose (educate, build body, become a better citizen); B. Era of optimism C. Beneath this façade, lay Insecurity and Violence D. Modernism is a broad cultural trend and it challenges the norms of middle class. Experimentation. Moves away from the traditional forms/ structures in art and music. Characterized by discontinuity, dissonance. The Rite of Spring, Igor Stravinsky. Henri Matisse, The Dance; Wassily Kandinsky, C VII; Pablo Picasso, Les Demoiselles d’Avignonomposition.---Influenced by Freud and a belief in the irrational, focus on dreams, move toward unconsciousness. Albert Einstein brought about the belief in uncertainty, theory of relativity: time and space shift as the position of the observer changed (what one sees depends on their perspective). E. With the outbreak of WWI, the era of optimism was destroyed. The faith in technology and the good they bring about are replaced by the III. Causes of World War I A. Immediate 1. Assassination of Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand: Assassinated by Gavrilo Princip and is a member of a Serbian nationalist group called the Black Hand. They were committed to doing whatever it took to carry out the Serbians’ ambitions to create a pan-slavic nation. On the 28 June, 1914. 2.
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5-8 - What was modernism and how did it challenge...

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