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final review - Grade IDs first and then essays(everyone who...

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Grade IDs first and then essays (everyone who does one ID graded together, Short essays/IDs Where, always include—general works (Roman Empire, Europe) Always do 4 IDs For When , put the event/ruler/term in context, describe other events that were happening around that time Significance: change over time is something that is very important to historians (i.e. Pharoah and the change of view over time), compare/contrast, something from the documents we read Jot down who, what, where, when, why format of the Include Documents Long Essays 1 of 2 on second half of the class 2 of 4 on the cumulative class Tie all long essays into themes from the class: if an essay seems really broad, try to consider what you think the bottom line is; If she gives us a definition of a term or idea, use that as a jumping off point, expand on that; always use specific examples (i.e. for cities, should use 2 specific cities—Uruck and Athens) Study in terms of themes—can work most themes and significant events and rulers into most of Cumulative Essays IDs from the first portion Romulous and Remus and Aenus Augustus Res Gestae: o Who—Augustus, princeps “first among equals”, divi filius “son of god” o What—Autobiography, Propaganda, Achievements; refers to himself as ‘priceps’ which means first among equals; restored power to the Senate; divi filius “son of god” establishes the cult of the imperium
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o When—Beginning of the Roman Empire; first decade of the first century A.D. (Augustus died in 14); 27 B.C.E.—was proclaimed Augustus and gained absolute power, shift from republic to empire
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final review - Grade IDs first and then essays(everyone who...

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