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12 money-management tips

12 money-management tips - a Doing this would help me in...

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Maddi Williams Champs April 23, 2007 6 money-management tips for college students 1. Track it – Track spending for 2-4 weeks and find out where your  money is going. a. I think that this would really help me. I would be able to see  what I spend most of my money on and be prepared for the  following week, and understand what changes I could make. 2. Get a plan – Map out a budget a. Doing this would paint a bigger picture for me. I would be able to  really see what happens and what I need to be prepared for. 3. Pace yourself – Give your self a spending limit for each week. a. By doing this I would not be short money at the end of the  semester or even at the end of each week. It always seems like  it comes down to the wire right before I have to make a trip  home. 4. Go easy with the credit cards – Use credit cars sparingly.
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Unformatted text preview: a. Doing this would help me in the long run. I usually don’t charge little things, but it is when I run out of money, and I could have planned better. 5. Stuff Happens – IF you bust your budget on something you really, really want to do this week, make up for it next week. a. Doing this will help even things out. If I really need to do something one week, I should just do it and not feel guilty and then be diligent the next week with sticking to the plan and making the money up. 6. Look Ahead – If you know a big expense is coming, start putting money aside to pay for it. a. It is easier to set aside a little money each week than to just come up with it all at once. This will help my budget in the long run especially if I plan for it in advance....
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