Outline_Epistemologists2 - EPISTEMOLOGICAL THEORISTS AND...

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Unformatted text preview: EPISTEMOLOGICAL THEORISTS AND RHETORICIANS FACULTY PSYCHOLOGY Gronbeck: The conception of the mind as the unity in a number of special features, such as sensibility, intelligence, volition, by reference to which individual processes of sensation, thought, or will are explained. Christian Wolff-The mind consists of different powers (faculties), interested in looking at how we engage these faculties.-Human mind is a single unit, but it consists of different faculties or capabilities 2 Faculties: Knowing and Feelings. John Ogilvie (focus on bold) Philosophical and Critical Observations on the Nature, Characters, and Various Specieas of Composition 4 Faculties: understanding/reason imagination memory will Said MIND is Separate from the Body Phrenology: started very seriously as the study of the human mind. (Looked at different sectors of the brain). 1 Rhetoricians **Hugh Blair Used Faculty Psychology. Lectures on Rhetoric and Belles Lettres- Accurate attempt to give a full accounting of what he talked about in lectures. ~110 editions in 90 years, very popular.-Looked at: Rhetoric, Literature, & Criticism. 1. appeals to reason: Reason with audience, use clear language. ~Use Aristotles Artistic Proofs here. (Logos Pathos Ethos). 2. appeals to imagination: Could use fables, or parable, poetry, stories. Form new associations as well heredescriptive, vivid language. 3. appeals to passions : Grow from descriptions aimed at the imagination. If you allow yourself to feel emotions and also use descriptions, then your audience will start to feel emotions too. When you feel really emotional, you want to act on it. 4. Appeals to the faculty of will: Can or cannot do somethingit is within their ability to do it. Will they, or will they not do something? Major contributions: 1. Style (Neo Classicist were really big on style). * Incarnation of thought = Subject completely filling your mind, becoming loosely obsessed. Imagination is filled and impressed....
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Outline_Epistemologists2 - EPISTEMOLOGICAL THEORISTS AND...

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