Gettysburg & vicksburg

Gettysburg & vicksburg - Rat infested warehouses – bars...

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Gettysburg- aftermath Meade decided not to attack- wise decision- If the army of the Potomac had lost it could have been the end of the union Union losses at Gettysburg equal all the looses at antitum Confederates were in worse shape. Robert e lee loss 1/3 of his generals 50,000 dead horses Insects everywhere- hospitals Piles of body parts. Confederate loss 1/3 of troops Low on food- only one day of marching Returned back to Va Southern political leaders criticize lees tactics after the battle. The defeat strengthened the political opposition of Jefferson Davis After Gettysburg the army of the Potomac was a different army, they were wiser, more experienced, inspired, confidence in themselves. Lee’s army will never be strong or confident again. Lee tries to resign- Davis refused. Gettysburg stopped, forever, southern invasions Vicksburg, Mississippi - Grant Formidable fortress 4,500 residences not a nice place to live Working river town- devoted to buying and selling of cotton
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Unformatted text preview: Rat infested warehouses – bars and bodie houses Location was more valuable Grant needed Vicksburg He could attack from the east or come from the south The only way to take Vicksburg was to control the Mississippi river, north and south He tried to build canals to by pass Vicksburg- failed. He decided the run the gauntlet and attack from the east Confederates had more soldiers in Mississippi than the union. The father grant moves away from the river the father he moves from his supply lines. Grant created two diversions – Sherman north of Vicksburg and Col. Benjamin Wilson destroying rail lines and supply depo -50 miles of rail lines Grant cuts himself off from the supply lines- his army lives off the land, foraging Grant moves to Jackson and captures it Confederate generals decide to hold Vicksburg Vicksburg defense were the strongest in the entire civil war. Grant cannot directly attack – grant sieges Vicksburg....
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Gettysburg & vicksburg - Rat infested warehouses – bars...

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