Reaction to Black Men and Public Space

Reaction to Black Men and Public Space - them to run as...

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Reaction to Black Men and Public Space This story made me think about perception and how we perceive black people. It can be argued that like in this story, a 6’2 black male in his early 20s with a beard can most certainly be used as the most common mugger, rapist, or gang member image. Blacks are perceived to be criminals or thugs in many people’s mind. This is due to the fact that many blacks grow up in urban areas and don’t grow up in a situation in which they can succeed. I think the man should have tried to change his image a bit if he was being perceived as someone he wasn’t. He could have shaved off the beard. He could have gotten a haircut. He could have dressed differently. It’s unfortunate that someone may have to do these things, but unfortunately some black people have ruined it for others. I completely understand the way the woman in the story ran from the man when she got a glimpse of him walking behind her. If that was someone I cared for, I would want
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Unformatted text preview: them to run as fast as they could too. There is a good chance that most of the time that black man is going to be a mugger, or a rapist, or a junkie. How many times have we heard the story that something like that has happened? If black males didn’t rape or mug women so often innocent black men wouldn’t be perceived as dangerous to others. I feel sorry for the innocent people but whenever I see a black man who in his early 20s I’ll always be cautious just in case. It’s better to be safe than sorry. The black man really can’t stop this from happening unless he decided to change. Even then though, it may not be as much, but he will still be misperceived even after a change. So he has to ask himself, “Is it worth it?” I would think this man thought about that and decided it wasn’t worth it. I would probably decide the same because even if you’re being misperceived you aren’t doing any damage....
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