Reaction to Cookies or Heroin

Reaction to Cookies or Heroin - highly addictive and can be...

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Reaction to Cookies or Heroin? This story talks about comparing T.V. addicts to heroin addicts, alcoholics, and cookie addicts. You can compare T.V. to those things in that it you do watch enough hours of television that you have to put off stuff that may hinder ones development. I think that statement is even a little too extreme. There are many kids in the summer who don’t get off their couch all summer and just watch T.V. I remember doing that as a kid when I was younger and still in grammar school. There were no sports going on in the summer and there was no school so many hours a day went towards watching television. It didn’t hinder my development growing up. I think watching too much T.V. is bad for a person to do but I don’t think it can hurt them in their development unless they literally are watching 10-15 hours of television a day. A person that is a heroin addict or an alcoholic have the potential or dying from the drugs they are taking. Heroin is
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Unformatted text preview: highly addictive and can be very lethal. Alcohol can lead to liver damage, it can lead to drunk driving, and it puts you at risk. Watching T.V. doesn’t have any negative effects on someone physically. I think watching some things on television can actually improve a person’s intelligence or development depending what program you are watching. Someone that is very much into watching poker on T.V. may become a better math student by learning how to calculate odds and how to count cards. You may watch certain nationwide and global news that is very important that other kids your age have no clue that is going on. You may also watch some television programs that are made to be very educational for young kids. If you watch the right shows on television and don’t watch an extreme amount of television it’s not likely that T.V. will hinder development. I think there is an argument that it can prove to be more beneficial than being more of a negative....
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