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ANSC311-Clint Interview

ANSC311-Clint Interview - Self disciple is a very big word...

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Self disciple is a very big word, to succeed in this world we have to be disciplinarians not only with our horses but our selves. Keep a positive attitude with everything we do. Go to with negative attitude will carry over. Go with positive attitude the horse should relate with a positive response. Gain a positive response, or part. Not always a whole. Posture is so important. Form to function. Putting weight where it does not need to go. Pull coming from saddle bars, feet in stirrups press down pressure, puts pressure on the bars, saddle is mare for pressure there and and horse to carry you. Pushes against the back withers and loin, puts weight on horses back, should not be your butt. By putting weight in your feet you you will float with your horse as he travels. Riding with chin up will help keep your back straighter. Able to ride your horse with a correct dasion, riding to fit your horse. Cordination with all parts of horse to match rider.
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