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Vision � Receptors - darkness b/c rods dont pick it...

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Vision – Receptors #s – LOTS more rods in the eye than cones. Loc. – Cones in center, rods in periphery Dim light sensitivity – cones are poor, rods are “good” after adjustment Color sensitivity – cones have it , rods don’t (more reactive to blue spectrum; all the same) Peripheral vision, cannot see color because only rods pick it up (motion), not cones (which would see the color). Color blindness – missing one or two cones (usually red and green), which mix to become brown, making it hard to distinguish between darker green colors and browns; tends to be in males (color defective vision). Why can’t you see color in a dark room? – cones turned off, rods turned on. Why does your vision in a dark room improve with time? – takes 15-20 minutes for rods to become fully functional (sitting in dim red light will register as
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Unformatted text preview: darkness b/c rods dont pick it up). Why do police now have blue lights on top of their cars? Blue registers with rods, reds arent picked up by rods. Why do you see shadows and movements in the periphery when walking the streets of Oakland late at night? Its dark, rods are on, registering motion. Periphery register the motion, turning to look at it = fovea, seeing in detail. EAR NOT ON THURSDAYS TEST! *Sound perception registers as motion. Taste 4 basic tastes: sweet, sour, salty, bitter Anatomy of tongue/taste receptors: Tip of tongue: salt Frontal sides of tongue: sour Back sides of tongue: sweet Back central of tongue: bitter BORN with preference for sweetness, then saltiness. WHY? Born with preference for high-caloric food for survival....
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