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1. The act of giving birth in a goat is known as: a. Calving b. Lambing c. Farrowing d. Kidding 2. A roughage is a feedstuff that is: a. Low in Fiber b. High in Energy c. High in Fiber d. High in Digestibility 3. A castrated male sheep or goat is called a: a. Wether b. Barrow c. Steer d. Gelding 4. This breed of pig is known for having very large drooping ears and its good maternal ability: a. Yorkshire b. Hampshire c. Landrace d. Berkshire 5. This breed of cattle is known for its marbling and maternal ability: a. Limousin b. Hereford c. Charolais d. Chianiana 6. This breed of sheep is known for breeding out of season:
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Unformatted text preview: a. Southdown b. Hampshire c. Suffolk d. Dorset 7. An immature female chicken: a. Pullet b. Cockerel c. Hen d. Chick True/False- Mark “A” for True and “B” for False- (1 pt. each) 8. Caprine refers to cattle. B - False 9. Bovine refers to sheep. B- False 10. A filly is an immature male horse. B- False 11. Duroc pigs are red in color. A- True 12. Hereford cattle are black in color. B- False 13. Merino sheep are the number one wool producers world wide. A- True...
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