Chem Post Lab 1

Chem Post Lab 1 - were closer to 1 than some, our largest...

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Madeline Williams Chem 101-582 922/06 Exp #1 Post Lab Density = Mass/Volume % Error: (Calculated-real)/real x 100% Calibrated Volume: (Total Mass – Bottle Mass)/density of water Discussion: Part 1. 1. Analytical had grater precision 2. Greater precision = greater accuracy 3. Precision: beaker, volumetric flack, grad cyl, Erlenmeyer. Accuracy: beaker, volumetric flask, grad cyl, Erlenmeyer. 4. All had close to the same percent error, most were close to 1, some experiments were off some. 5. On excel 6. Water left in the containers, messed up measurements, not zeroing out the scales, people never turning in their numbers…. 7. Yes, if the balance is off, then it will show the glassware is off. 8. In our run our density was close to that of our class mates, except out grad. Cyl was lower than most. Our percent errors were with in range of each other. They
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Unformatted text preview: were closer to 1 than some, our largest reached 1.7, while our lowest was .7. 9. Top Loader 10. a. 10.00 b. .1000 11. Analytical Part 2: 1b. a. .576mL b. 1.15mL c. 5.38mL 2. Mathematically would probably be a more precise way to determine the concentration. Conclusion: We set out to determine which piece of glassware was more precise and accurate. He did so by measuring set amounts of water with different pieces of glassware. We then compared our results to our classmates. We were able to determine which pieces more accurately measured different amounts of liquid. Our experiment supported our original objective and accomplished it, as our charts show....
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Chem Post Lab 1 - were closer to 1 than some, our largest...

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