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Maddi Williams English 2311 Assignment 1 1. The web page for Dell appears to be effective. As a reader it is easy to understand and conveys clarity. It appears to be accurate in presenting different topics and options. The information is also presented in an easy to understand formant. The material is made up of small independent sections, providing accessibility to the customer. For a busy reader the page appeared concise and straight to the point, with easy to access options. It conveyed a professional and welcoming appearance. All the information provided seemed correct. If dell had any newly featured products or services then those would be need to be added to the page. It appears that any option a customer would want is already there. 2. Manual: Kenmore, Dryer User Instructions The manual appears to be honest and covers many topics that may be of concern, or a customer may have problems with. It clearly presents all the information and is easy to understand. All of the information provided appears to be accurate and comprehensive.
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