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Task 1 I believe that Document 1.2 productively displays the data. Update the population and year and it should present the growth well. If you were to make any changes, I may focus more on the recent population growth, since that is a big reason for needing more funding. Document 1.3 appears to be a little unclear. There needs to be a better description of ambulance #30 and #20. It shows that the mileage for #20 has decreased. I do not believe that is a good subject to include, since the argument can be proposed that the mileage has decreased and no extra funding is needed. It would be best to stick to the areas that support needing more funding. If nothing else, it needs to be made clear in the beginning why #20 is not carrying the mileage of #30. Task 2 There is too much information on one page. It is not user friendly especially for someone
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Unformatted text preview: who may not have any background in medical emergencies. The information needs to be displayed in better groupings with related topics and maybe on two pages. The call types needs to be better defined and easier to understand. If you displayed the Call Types on one page with a brief description under the heading, and the calls per ambulance, in cooperation with, mutual aid to, and transported to, on a separate page it would be easier to understand. I see that there is a clear split of information that warrants displaying it on two pages. The graphics should be carried over to the next page; it helps connect the reader to the topic. Keep everything as simple as possible, but still clear enough that anyone could understand it. Task 3...
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