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ENGL 2311- Assignment2 - wants to believe they work They...

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1. It would not be ethical for me to apply for the job without mentioning the fact I will be returning to college in the fall. It is always important to tell the truth and be upfront with any known facts. It would be misleading for me to take the job and then quite in the fall for school, since I knew I would be quitting from the beginning. They were specifically looking for someone “continuing,” which I would not fill that spot. I could apply ethically, by telling them upfront that I would need to return to school. The worst that could happen is they would not hire me, but they might offer me a job in the future when I was done with school. 2. http://www.anticelluliteworld.com/ It is unethical for this company to picture a woman in a bathing suite with “perfect” legs. The cream will not give a user the legs of that woman, which is what they want to portray. It is proven that cellulite creams do not work, but they continue to be on the market because every woman
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Unformatted text preview: wants to believe they work. They want to believe they can have the legs of the woman in the beach chair. Making these promises to the public is unethical. They charge outrages prices for something that will never work. The information could be presented mores honestly with the disclaimer that the results many vary, or that it has not been tested for any type of results. 3. The Aggie honor code is known by every Aggie. It is short and printed everywhere. It is printed on anything that can be printed on. Every Aggie sees it at least three times a day. “Exemplifies excellence through a simple, straightforward statement.” ( www.tamu.edu/codeconduct ) It is very enforced. Every teacher and student must uphold the honor code if they want to continue at Texas A&M. Ask any Aggie and they would be able to give you an example of how it is applied, if it is in the classroom, office, practice, or any other activity....
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