History106-Evolving Dream

History106-Evolving Dream - Madeline Williams 316-00-2631...

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Madeline Williams 316-00-2631 History 106 Dr. Carney Evolving Dream America was built upon dreams. America’s founders and developers each had a dream; each had a set of goals to reach. To live in America is the promise to dream. Each American has the right to set goals and build their life to fill them. Although living in America does not guarantee that your dreams will come true, it does give one the right to have those dreams. History shows that, even though today each individual has the right to dream and follow that path, it has not always been that way. From the examples in class certain factors in history have limited dreams and dreamers, such as race, sex, and religion. America is an ever evolving dream. Just has history shows change, dreams illustrate change. With each passing day, individuals come closer and closer to reaching their dreams and more secure in them. Just as dreams can change history can change, sometimes both at the same time. Even though, the goal may be a specific path, following
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History106-Evolving Dream - Madeline Williams 316-00-2631...

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